Wrap Dresses for the Fuller Bust - What to wear?

Posted by Sarah Dickson on

So, you want to put a dress on and everything you are finding either needs you to strap your boobs in with some adhesive tape on the hope they don't pop out, you go braless and realise that your boobs are actually now down by your knees, or third option, you have your bra on and you can wear a dress that makes you feel a million dollars - our vote is the third option!

Here are a few of our faves:


1. Ganni - the wrap around dresses here are just awesome,  you can wrap that gorgeous fabric round you and float on into the night - they have some great prints GANNI




2. Pyrus - another great brand but with more daring and different print options, it is an iconic British boutique brand known for its hand-painted prints that are paired with easy and effortless shapes to complete a sophisticated look with with clean lines whilst being eye-catching and bold at the same time. PYRUS



3. DVF - can't go wrong with a Diane Von Furstenburg - they are iconic in the wrap dress world- save your pocket money up though, they aren't cheap but a timeless classic  DVF





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